Sunday, February 15, 2009

I want to ride my Bicycle

So this weekend I both interviewed former President Clinton and backed into a car...more on Clinton to follow; my brain is a bit frazzled right now, considering my insurance will go up.

-Kim, Bryant and Peter check out a roll on the light tables, trying to waste time. The servers crashed at midnight last week, which was a major pain in the ass.

So, I've started biking now...Here's a little spot I found along the way. Whenever I ride through this tunnel at night, I always think there's going to be a mugger at the other side...

Sancho decided to climb the overpass. The tunnel emanates a very distinct foul odor, by the way.

Monday, February 2, 2009

busy busy busy

I've been working my ass off for the Texan the past couple of days. In addition to my regular (and rather mundane) editing duties, I did a photoshoot for a life and arts piece, shot a spot news video on a fire (which might still be up on the Texan site now, but if not its always on youtube) and reported on coach garrido's guilty plea and a fire in hyde park (both for today's paper).

I'll get some more pics up soon.